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Video: Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport vs. Lotus Evora vs. Porsche Cayman S

C’mon, you knuckleheads! How on God’s green earth is this a proper shootout? The Porsche Cayman S is an aggrandized rear-engine Boxster while the Lotus Evora (which is so friggin’ lightweight that we suspect is made from highly compressed goose feathers) is a mid-engine street legal go-cart. Compared to them, the front-engine, naturally-aspirated Grand Sport looks almost Jurassic. Nonetheless, the GS held its own against the two foreigners in Car and Driver’s questionable shootout which resulted in the ‘Vette taking second to the Cayman’s first.

Despite the Corvette’s dominance in the “Best Lap” competition over the Porsche and Lotus (2:02-seconds versus 2.05- and 2:07-seconds, respectfully), the Corvette was ousted on the “High Speed Lane Change” competition ranking third at 63.3mph versus a 63.6mph for Lotus and winning 67.2mph for the Cayman, Corvette was ranked second overall. Curious, because the Corvette matched the Porsche’s skidpad and 0-to-60 performance. We suppose the different competitions were weighed differently…

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