Video: Check Out the Sweet 1965 See-Through Sting Ray!

vette1The general non-gearhead public looks at a car and thinks “I like the way that looks, but can it get me to my destination?” They think of an automobile much like an appliance – it’s designed to get them from A to B with a minimum of muss and fuss. Not much thought goes into the construction of the machine, just that the machine can perform as advertised.

But us gearheads – we’re different. We need to see “How It’s Made“, to borrow the title of my favorite television show. And Corvette Repair, Inc. of Valley Stream, NY, has given us the opportunity to do just that, with this wild 1965 Corvette Sting Ray “restoration” – most of the body panels are missing and the inner workings are on display for all to see.

vette2It’s got a sweet 427 cubic-inch heavy-duty Mark IV engine, but that’s not where this machine shines; it’s in the fully exposed inner workings. There are see-through panels in the door, the hood is nowhere to be found, and many of the body panels have been left off the car in the interest of showing off the mechanicals. There are even see-through plexiglass plates in the floor so you can watch the world disappear at an alarming rate once the big-block horsepower kicks in at speed.

Believe it or not, the car is even 100-percent street-legal, making this hotrod sure to turn the heads of just about anyone who sees it rolling down the road. Clear polycarbonate valve covers let you see the valvetrain work when the engine is running; even the roof panels are missing along with the rear decklid, showing off the fuel tank and other assorted parts in the rear of the car. A neat example of what it takes to fully restore a Corvette, and one that’s guaranteed to have onlookers drooling – gearhead or not.

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