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Video: Chain Reaction Crash – Fox Mustang Hits S197, S197 Hits C5

What could be more relaxing than a bayside drive in San Francisco, enjoying the day behind the wheel of your C5 Corvette? You say that Chevys aren’t your style? Then imagine the same scenario behind the wheel of an S197 Mustang. Still not with us? Then how about we go old-school, and take in the sights and enjoy some open-air motoring in a classic drop-top Fox-body Mustang?

Ah, that golden moment when the airbag deploys, captured on video for all time... You can't put a price on memories like that!

Of course, while you’re driving said Fox, it’s best not to get TOO enthralled with your surroundings, lest you not notice the S197 and C5 stopped in traffic ahead of you. And of course, if wrecking three cars including your own doesn’t totally ruin your day, somebody’s gotta catch the whole thing on video and post it to YouTube…

Of course, you CAN put a price on the damage, both to the cars and to your own face when the big dude in the Corvette gets out and comes back to activate your dental plan...

Remember, kids – eyes on the road, no texting, and pay attention to the traffic around you. You never know when somebody’s got their cell phone out and ready to capture your fail for the whole world to see.

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