From what we’ve seen recently, Chevy’s new Corvette ZR1 is almost ready to hit the streets– and we’re definitely ready to get behind the wheel.

General Motors has been spending plenty of time testing their upcoming sports cars on closed courses, but now, the ZR1 has finally been spotted on the public roads around Germany. And may we say, dang she looks good.


But, back to the pointYes, this means it’s ready for the public roads and, ultimately, ready for us fans and customers. Now all we can do is wait… patiently.

It was spotted specifically by Carspotter Jeroen (on YouTube), who chased the beast around to get some footage.

As many of you amateur automotive detectives noticed in previous clips, some of the cars we have spied on (including this one) are sporting some funky-looking exhaust pipes. They are said to be muffled, in order to comply with a 100-decibel noise limit for industry test cars at the Nürburgring.

But, even with the muffled exhaust and a less-than-spirited driver, the ZR1 still packs one of the nicest growls we’ve ever heard. We can only imagine what it sounds like when its unsuppressed and completely cut loose.

There’s still no official news on what’s going on under the hood, though– Supercharged LT4? LT5?– Who knows, but we’re still expecting somewhere around 700-750 horsepower.

We are still awaiting official Nürburgring times. Keep checking back for more news regarding the Corvette ZR1.