This year marks the Corvette’s 60th birthday, and rather than stuff all of those candles on a giant birthday cake, the folks at Chevrolet came up with something a little more fitting for America’s Sports Car. Chevrolet recently posted this cool new video to their YouTube channel depicting just how the 427 Convertible goes about blowing out its 60 birthday candles on behalf of all its predecessors.

“And how exactly does a car blow out birthday candles?” you might ask. With wind of course; lots, and lots of wind. And what better way to produce lots of wind than ripping through a tight corner at a high rate of speed? The lit blue and white alternating candles are lined up around the outer edge of a sharp left-hander, and as the LS7 powered convertible comes around the turn it uses all 505 horses to displace some serious gusts of air, and each flame is extinguished with the type of impeccable style that only America’s Sports Car can evoke.

With the 427 Convertible long gone down the track and likely already preparing for the next turn, only the wisps of smoke from the vanquished candles remain, and we are reminded of just what it is that a Corvette has brought to drivers since 1953: “Exhilaration.”