Video: Camouflaged C7 Corvette Spotted in Gran Turismo 5

In what is perhaps one of the more interesting tidbits in the run-up to the release of the C7 Corvette, it appears that Polyphony Digitalthe software development studio behind Gran Turismo 5, was given license to insert the new C7 into the game. Over on,  the web’s home for Gran Turismo fanatics, they report that forum user jstickboy13 saw the car appear during a random collage of cars that runs during the screensaver mode on GT5.

The discovery was confirmed by forum user edwinpr, who shot our lead video of the car on his monitor. The discovery was confirmed by a second forum user, Furinkazen, who was able to capture video from a different perspective. Another user, Nismo34, has reported seeing 17 cars on the game’s Manufacturer Board, but could only count sixteen machines available to use. Nismo34 also reports that all of the other Manufacturer Boards versus available car offerings appear to jive – another inkling that the C7 has been pre-programmed into GT5 and the engineers are simply waiting for the go-ahead to “turn it on”. In no time at all, we’re sure the C7 will be making a mockery of the other machines on the course.

Perhaps the Gran Turismo software engineers are car guys like us. Or maybe it’s a genius move by the marketing department over at Chevrolet. Either way, there can be no confusion about what the car is, as the State of Michigan Corvette vanity plate is clearly visible throughout the video. This is not the first time the Gran Turismo series has debuted a car prior to its formal introduction, as the Nissan GT-R was shown in GT5 Prologue in camouflage gear which was then removed, and the car updated, after its official release. So you Gran Turismo maniacs can relax – the C7 will be available soon!

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