Video: Cam-Only LS2 Corvette Goes 11.24 At 123 MPH

As the saying goes, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” The Corvette owner in this video certainly listened to that saying, so that when he turned up at Atco Raceway in New Jersey, he was ready to rumble.

The Gen IV small block under his hood had been gently massaged with a Vararam Intake system, LG Super Pro headers, a Melling high volume oil pump and Katech CR-5 timing chain. LG’s C6X3 camshaft and Comp’s 921 valve springs have replaced the original LS2 components as well. Sounds to us like this owner has been down the 1320 a few times before.

The combination of LG’s G6X3 cam and the headers is shown to deliver 500 hp and 462 ft-lb of torque on a Dynojet roller. That translated well in this session, with an ECS dyno tune, to bring home a 11.24 second run at 123.09 mph, as well as the wrath of track officials (after the fact) for not having a cage installed.

Considering that a stock 2006 Z06 will run 11.8 at 122 mph on an LS7 engine, this is a smartly-built combination that has left a bunch of dollars in the owner’s jeans.

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