Cal Speed and Performance in Bakersfield, California put together one killer C5 Corvette thanks to a little forced induction and a certain LS variant.  YouTube viewers are able to take a glimpse and what lies beneath the hood of the unassuming white C5. Imagine the potent combination of an LSX along with the addition of rear-mounted turbos?  During the video the C5 is first shown on the dyno with only 3.5 pounds of boost from the rear-mounted turbos, and although no horsepower and torque numbers are provided for this dyno run, the Corvette emits an intoxicating roar. With 3.5 PSI safely completed, the guys crank up the boost up to 5 pounds and test the car again.

As the dyno operator puts the LSX to the test, the numbers show that Cal Speed and Performance’s white C5 made an impressive 776 rear wheel horsepower. Even as the Corvette idles on the dyno, it sounds menacing thanks to the throaty exhaust and lopey cam. Without the purposely-designed drag racing wheel and tire combination, shown on the C5 at Famoso Raceway, the Corvette looks rather unassuming.  No cowl induction hood or other obvious standard issue racecar components are visible, thus making Cal Speed’s white C5 a sleeper when parked (or for those with hearing issues.)