Video: C7 Z06 Prototype Found in Yuma, Arizona

Before you click play, we should warn you that there is a bit of language your boss might not like, so don’t watch this at work if that’s an issue for you – or just wear headphones.

That being said, what we’ve got here is not a failure to communicate – in fact, it’s the exact opposite. General Motors is communicating that the 2015 Z06 Stingray is out and about in durability and calibration testing, as this model is found in the booming metropolis of Yuma, Arizona – not exactly the hotbed of automotive performance, but a good place to test the hot-weather and high-altitude calibrations for the upcoming Chevrolet supercar.

vetteOur intrepid videographers follow the car around a Walmart parking lot in what appears to be nothing less than a Volkswagen Bug before getting out to accost the gentleman driving the car – who proceeds to school them on the option list for the Z07 RPO, including the fact that this particular car has the carbon-metallic brakes that hallmark the Z07’s option list. 

They proceed to spent another four minutes of video drooling over the car along with another parking-lot visitor, and it’s quite fun to listen to them attempt to dissect what they are looking at.

There’s no doubt that the new C7 attracts attention no matter where it goes, and it’s not as a result of the ugly wrap that Chevrolet installed before it left the factory. Unfortunately the driver doesn’t return while the footage is rolling, so the “videographer” doesn’t get to ask him any more questions about the car’s options. Neat to see the car out and about!

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