Video: C7 Testing in Europe With Patrick Herrmann

The production C7 Corvette is almost here, but before it makes its way to the showroom floor, it’s making a stop in Europe for some pre-production testing. Check out the new C7 on the roads in Europe, driven by Technical Manager – Communications of Chevrolet Europe Patrick Herrmann, in the video above.


Patrick Herrmann stands next to the Corvette C6, the C7’s predecessor, prior to testing in Europe. Images: Chevrolet Europe on Facebook

European Corvette fans are just as excited to get the brand new C7 model as we are here in the States, but before the car hits dealerships in either place, it’s being thoroughly tested in both locations.

Herrmann is the first person to test the new C7 in Europe, a unique experience even for the former racer. This is part of the GM standard quality control program- a program run for every new Chevrolet model before it’s introduced at European dealerships.

For the next couple months, Herrmann will be taking the C7 all over Europe, testing it on tracks, streets, and just about anywhere you can think of to guarantee its superior performance.

Along the way, he’ll be reporting back to the public not only on YouTube, but also on the Chevrolet Europe Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

The C7 will arrive at European dealerships late this year, but before it does, our European friends could be getting more of a glimpse of the car than expected!


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