Video: C7 Stingray vs. Tesla Model S P85 at the Drag Strip

When it comes to drag racing, two of the most crucial factors are the launch and the reaction time. Even with a faster car, a bad launch combined with a bad reaction time could cost you the race.

That was definitely the case in these two races between a Z51-equipped C7 Stingray and Tesla Model S P85 found on DragTimes’s Youtube Channel. For those of you wondering what the P85 version of the Model S is, it’s simply a “performance” version of the 85kw Model S with sportier interior and more use of carbon fiber throughout the interior and exterior as well.

It’s safe to say that Tesla’s 85kw Model S is one quick car, but as you can see in the first race, the Vette starts gaining on the Model S toward the end; close, but no cigar. Perhaps just a little improvement in the launch and the Vette would’ve taken it. And it did seem as if the driver of the Vette had a little bit of trouble getting the launch control to work right in that first run.

The second race between the two went a lot better and as you can see, the driver of the C7 seemed to have figured out how to launch the car a lot better because he didn’t fall behind the Model S nearly as far as he did in the first race.

This video is an definitely an eye-opener as far as close races go. Unfortunately, top speed for the Model S is governed at 133 MPH, so any speed over that means that it gets left in the dust. That’s not the case for the C7, which keeps on pulling throughout its broad powerband. Is the performance industry really ready for an electric car with a lot of power and a low top speed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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