A couple of weeks ago, we told you the tale about how the C7 convertible would be making its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this month. But what we weren’t aware of was that the C7 coupe would be there as well, making stops across Europe on the way to surprise and impress fans on the continent.

Numerous Corvettes (and even Camaros and CTS-V's) showed up to not only welcome the new Corvette to Europe, but to help escort it to its stops along the way.

Despite the C7 Stingray’s obvious styling cues that hint at the European car market, the 2014 Corvette has a lot of work to do to win over the masses in the EU.

The Corvette has never really enjoyed the kind of fan base overseas as it had here in the States, thanks to the incredibly high standards of the cars it typically gets compared to across the pond, and the fact that it’s not always sold through normal channels. But there is a growing community of fans that are quite partial to the Kentucky flier, and it shows!

Last week, the Corvette was unloaded in Frankfurt, Germany, and trailered towards its final destination in Geneva, Switzerland – making stops across Europe in Munich and Wettswil, which is near Zurich.

Hundreds of fans and a few Corvette clubs gathered at the stops along the way, to welcome the new Stingray in each town. Men, women, and even young children turned up to admire the 2014 Corvette up close and personal.

Judging by what we saw in this video, the styling of the new Corvette is what the Europeans are looking for in terms of a thoroughbred sports car. It should, since it has the latest technology available to an OHV V8 that includes VVT and direct fuel injection. Viva Corvette!

Even though the following for the Vette isn't as substantial as it is here in the States, the C7 was welcomed with warm praise and plenty of fanfare from hundreds of Europeans.