Video: C7 Corvettes Caught In The Wild

With the official unveiling of the 2014 Corvette C7 now in the history books, GM no longer has to worry about hiding its new supercar from prying eyes and spy photographers. That also means us journalist types no longer have to scour the Internet looking for hints, details, or spy shots of the upcoming Corvette; now GM proudly flaunts the C7 Corvette every chance they get.

A member of the forums under the username Vette_85 spotted these three C7 Corvette test mules together in an Arizona parking lot. This is one of our first looks at the new Corvette out and about in the wild, and in three distinctly different colors. Yeah, we can dig it.

It is quite a difference seeing these brand spanking new Corvettes on the street, as opposed to some sterilized auto show setting. It just seems more… natural, and gives us a better idea how these cars will look under actual sunlight rather than spotlights designed to highlight their every angle and feature.

While GM has yet to unveil a complete color palette for the C7 Corvette, at least now we can confirm that there will indeed be a red, black, and sporty blue option. As far as what these test mules are testing, it is impossible to say. But we will say that it is good to see GM is committed to quality, and is still testing their cars to ensure everything is ready and raring to go before the 2014 Corvette goes on sale later this year. GM can’t afford to get the new Corvette wrong in any way.

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