Video: C6 Z06 With Rear Mount Turbo Kit Makes Well Over 660 RWHP

We recently stumbled across this video posted by High-Tech Corvette featuring a slick black C6 Z06 that has been outfitted with a rear mount turbo kit from Fastlane Motorsports. Fastlane’s kit is centered around a Borg-Warner 76mm turbo that is pushing just five pounds of boost controlled through a TiAL wastegate. The turbo simply replaces the Z06’s mufflers, and dumps the exhaust out four stock-looking tips.

In the video, the representative from Fastlane says, “The goal is to keep it simple. A lot of people think that turbo kits are complicated and undependable. But with this kit, we designed it to be simple and dependable – one turbo, one wastegate, and one blow off valve. Its [also] got an OEM style oil pump, which is [typically] a problem with these remote mount turbo kits.” The final result? An impressive 667 horsepower and 646 pound feet of torque at the Corvette’s rear wheels.

So to show off the high-powered prowess of the newly turbo’ed Z06 they suction cup the GoPro cameras to the side of the car and go romping around public streets in daytime traffic. The car is plenty fast, and has all the guts you could ever want in a street ride, but maybe a busy street in broad daylight isn’t the best place to put that power to use… just our opinion though, of course.

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