nurb1As one of the most famous race tracks in the world, the Nürburgring has been in operation since 1927, with the Nordschliefe (North Loop) surviving as a public one-way toll road (!) that attracts motorsports enthusiasts from all over the world. In this video we get to see one of them taking it on in a C6 Z06 – an opportunity that few of us will ever have in a lifetime. This particular racer, driving instructor and “ring taxi” driver Denis Malevanyi, has the chance to run the course from the Bridge to the Gantry, which are considered the traditional start and finish points for ‘Ring timing.

gt3According to the video, his ‘Vette benefits from a tuned suspension, and although we don’t know what kind, it’s obvious that he’s had quite a bit of driver training as he whips around the course hard, nailing every apex hard and kicking ass from start-to-finish. He thinks nothing of powering though the Kesselchen section on the backside (which is a pair of right-hand bends) at 249 km/h, which equates to about 155 MPH – no joke of a speed no matter how well your suspension is tuned. There’s also a bump at the apex of the second right-hander, leading you out to the Mutkurve, which is a much harder left.


All in all, the Nürburgring is no joke of a course, and we get a front-row seat in a 505-horse Z06. It’s real-life Gran Turismo 5, but in full HD and with authentic engine sounds and brake squeal. We especially enjoyed the Porsche 911 GT3 getting the snot kicked out of it at 90 MPH. If you’re a road-course nut, you owe it to yourself to watch all seven minutes and four seconds of this video.