Video: C6 Goes Railsliding

One of the downfalls to the free market is that anyone with enough money can buy anything their little heart desires – whether it be a car that’s way too much for them or a boat that’s ten times the size of any house you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting. As the old saying goes, money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you a lot of other stuff. Despite the fact that the C6 comes out of the factory with 436 horsepower, and every one of those gets to the ground quickly, there is no owner’s test to prove that man is worthy of machine before purchase. For just about every performance-car model, you can find dozens, if not hundreds of videos on the interwebs documenting “driver error” and high-quality fail.

We’ve seen many cases where there’s simply “too much car” and “not enough driver”, and this appears to be one of those situations. There is no background on how the gorgeous C6 in question arrived in its current position, but we venture to take a guess due to the crumpled grass you can see in the initial drive-by that the driver crossed the median and attempted to do his best Tony Hawk impersonation. From what we can see there appears to be minimal damage to the car, although we can’t see the underside. The driver’s ego? Perhaps a bit more bruised. We doubt the belly pan was designed with rail-sliding in mind, either – somehow we don’t think the GM bean-counters would approve the extra material thickness.

Of course, this could also be a situation where the local constabulary pulled over said driver to look for deleted emissions-control equipment.  In that case, we’ll give it a B+ grade for making the most of the terrain to get a good look at the underside of the Corvette…


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