An 11-second quarter mile pass in an all-motor Corvette may not seem all that impressive, but do it at 5,880 feet above sea level with heat soaring to create a 9,000-foot density altitude, and now we’re talking. That’s exactly what a 2007 Corvette Z06 owner recently accomplished at Colorado’s Bandimere Speedway and if you don’t believe it, we have the video to prove it thanks to the Corvette Forum. Check out the amazing pass and some in-car footage from another run above.

Ahmed Malik of Fort Collins, Colorado doesn’t just own a stock Z06. Equipped with a Racing Engine Design-built 441 CI LS7, Malik’s Corvette is actually rather mean and quite the beast on the track. Of course having a Callies crankshaft and rods, Diamond pistons, a Vette-Air heads and camshaft package, FAST 102mm intake, Aeromotive fuel rails and a Tremec TR6060 transmission doesn’t hurt the situation.

Proving the car’s track worthiness is the amazing ET Malik was able to accomplish in such harsh racing conditions. As if it were a cool dry day, the Z06 doesn’t struggle a bit to reach the speed traps at 128.7 MPH for a time of 11.031 seconds, with a day’s best run of 128.9 MPH and an elapsed time of 11.021 seconds. Knowing it was in the mid 90’s on June 19th when this footage was taken just proves this car has even more in it for a more forgiving track day.

Bandimere Speedway is my home track here in Colorado, so you can be sure that I’ll be keeping my eyes out for this Corvette the next time I’m there.