What possesses people to run from police? A C6 driver decided to do just that over a simple parking ticket in Atlanta, Georgia. CorvetteBlogger posted the story on their site along with the police dash cam video.

Sure, parking in a fire lane will carry a hefty penalty in comparison to the standard parking violation, but felony hit and run carries a much weightier fine, not to mention jail time. Most car guys will run the risk of a parking citation by double parking to avoid door dings and this guy may have parked in the fire lane just for that reason. Noticing the illegally parked ‘Vette, a police officer pulls behind the car just as the driver is exiting the mall and this is where things get a little insane.

The driver sees the officer exiting the cruiser and decides get in the car and leave in an attempt to avoid the ticket. As shown in the video, the officer grabs the door handle to open the door and detain the driver, but this guy locks the door and pulls away. Once the parking violator flies down the ramp, he has now added evading the police to his list of citations; the officer hurries back to the cruiser to pursue the C6.

After exiting the mall the officer makes a left turn only to be greeted by the C6 driver sliding out of control toward him (he must have overshot the left turn leaving the parking area). Before the C6 driver and regain control he crashes into the side of the cruiser.  At this point the guy should just give up, but no, he just drives away. It should not be too hard to track down a C6 with visible body damage, but Atlanta police are asking for help locating this genius who is now facing felony hit and run, assaulting a police officer, and other charges, and of course the original parking ticket.