Video: C6 Corvette Stars In Video Alongside Girl In Bikini

Editor’s Note: +100 internets to the YouTube poster for the super-classy video title – Paul

Update to the Editor’s Note: The video has been taken down, but we still have a nice link to a photo gallery to offer you…

Update to the Update to the Editor’s Note: Found the video again! W00t!

So we admit the title is a little bit deceiving – the girl is actually starring in the video, and the Corvette is just sitting there. This C6 Corvette, as with all ‘Vettes dating back to day one, has a serious set of curves that look great with a sharply-dressed model leaning on them. But those curves wouldn’t be possible without the ability to form fiberglass in a mold to make the beautiful lines that have caused many a mid-life crisis. The sheer drawing power of the Corvette nameplate, combined with the impression that its owner must have a couple of spare Benjamins laying around, has also made many balding bankers the “trophy husband” for so many upwardly-mobile young starlets and social climbers.

This girl doesn’t appear to be any of those, at least not from our initial glance. All of her curves appear to be natural and obtained through a quality mold of the first order, and much like the ‘Vette, it doesn’t look like she has any aftermarket enhancements installed. Not real sure what’s up with the earrings and bracelets, though – those look dangerous, like her curves.

The car itself appears to be a relatively-well-maintained stocker, and there are no hints of any performance equipment anywhere through the course of the video. We’re also still trying to figure out how she managed to drive the car with those heels on. Maybe the car has an automatic transmission. Does it really matter, though? You clicked this link hoping to see a hot chick with a car, and we’re glad to oblige you. We could keep rambling on and on, but we won’t. Click the video. Watch the girl. Happy Friday!

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