Video: C6 Corvette Drifts Around Courageous Women

The car enthusiast world is definitely male-dominated, even though any automotive event worth its salt should have its fair share of female participants and spectators. While we certainly don’t consider ourselves hardcore feminists in any way, sometimes the way women are relegated to trophy girls and eye candy kinda bugs us.

However if you ask us, the four women starring in this next video as scantily-clad course cones steal the show as a Corvette drifts around them, and they don’t even flinch. Rather than balls of steel, these ladies have iron ovaries. How many of us men would volunteer for this job?

Of course we can’t ignore the skills of the Corvette driver, who drifts across the track with ease and controls his ‘Vette with the kind of talent that comes from innate ability and years of practice. Even so, sometimes the pros mess up too, and anyone willing to put themselves in the position where they could be hurt or killed in the name of entertainment is a little bit crazy, and a whole lotta brave.

The video comes from Roskilde, in southern Denmark, which the Google Machine tells us is home to one of Europe’s largest music festivals. Those Danish women may or may not share some of their bloodline with the vikings of yore, which is perhaps why they are so brave in the face of 400 horsepower and tire smoke. Maybe Danish women are just badass. Whatever the case, we think these ladies should be acknowledged for being more than just eye candy. Keep that in mind at the next car show you go to.


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