Drag racing does require a certain amount of skill even when driving a relatively stock vehicle. Taking a stock Prius or other econobox to the local dragstrip requires little skill or talent, but taking a C6 Corvette to an airfield turned drag strip takes a little finesse and common sense. During a drag race event held on a German Airstrip a white C6 is pitted against a Dodge Viper SRT10. Like most experienced drag racers, the Viper driver readies the car in the burnout box with a nice little tire smoking session, but the Corvette driver avoids the smoke show. For those running street tires, the water box is generally a waste of time and money so it is an accepted practice to avoid the water and pull up to the tree.


From the angle that the video was shot from it is hard to tell if the C6 driver pulled through the water or drove around it, but things go awry once the lights drop. As both drivers launch their vehicles the Viper gets traction, jumps the C6 on the line and continues down the track well ahead of the Corvette. This proves to be a fortunate win for the Viper as the Corvette smokes the tires off the line and loses traction a few seconds later. As the white C6 gets squirrely and nearly veers into the Viper’s lane, the only damage caused by the out of the control Corvette is to the driver’s ego. Despite the “Drive Hybrid, I Need Your Gasoline,” signage on the Corvette, it is likely that this driver needs to worry less about gas and more getting a decent set of drag radials.