Nasty soundin' little bugger, ain't it?

The driver of this black C6 almost got caught sleeping at the starting line in this video posted to YouTube by Guelph Racing. According to the video’s caption the race was at a CSCS event, in Ontario, Canada (from what we can gather through the Google machine).

After the driver of the Sunfire bounces his Ecotec off the rev-limiter a few times in the water box as he spins those chubby slicks sticking out of his front fenders, it starts to become clear that there might be just a few more modifications to this car beyond a CAI and a fart-can. The C6 in the right lane quietly pulls up to the starting line, and as the light hits green the Pontiac compact jumps out hard. Even so, the time boards show that the Sunfire still rolled out with an unimpressive reaction time of 0.151, and once the loud Ecotec finally woke the C6 driver up, he got rolling after a 0.354-second nap.

In spite of the slow reaction time, the C6 does finally manage to reel in the Sunfire by the top end of the track, and trips the lights with a time of 13.2 at 112 MPH, versus the Pontiac’s 13.43 at 99 MPH.Time for a little more practice behind the wheel of that Y-body, dude – you have the honor of all Corvette owners to uphold!