Video: C5R Powered “Black Phantom” Rapid Response Vehicle

Our buddies over at Gearstar recently sent us this video of the Black Phantom Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) shredding some sand out in the desert, and man does it look like some serious fun. The Black Phantom’s website tells us that its CAD designed chassis is fabricated from 1.75 inch 4130 chromoly, and rides on two 3 inch King bypass shocks, that give it a massive 24 inches of true wheel travel to take those massive bumps and crushing jumps all in stride. Of course, it’s packing some mondo LS power, and sounds positively wicked to boot.

We talked with Zack Farah from Gearstar to get some more info on the Black Phantom, and he tells us, “This particular car was built as a cost-is-no-object option. It’s running a naturally aspirated Warren Johnson 454 C5R with all forged internals, and pushing 750 HP on high-octane, and has an S4D Mandiola 5 speed heavy duty transaxle, with 300M billet shafts and gears, and an aluminum body. Some of the nicer touches include Mercedes leather seats and suede interior. Right now, the car is located in our shop in Dubai and is featured in Dubai Auto trader.”

If you want a Black Phantom RRV for yourself, you can have one custom built to your personal specifications. Check out the Black Phantom website for more info on this bad-buggy.

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