Video: C5 Z06 Terrorizes the Texas Countryside – It’s OVRKL!

Texas is a big, big state. Anyone who has ever driven from one side to the other will tell you – there are lots and lots of miles to cover. And what’s the perfect vehicle to cover them in? We’d have to agree with the owner of this Texas-based hotrod – a C5 Z06 fills the bill nicely. However, this isn’t just any Z06 – this is OVRKL. We’re a sucker for great production values and clear camera work, and this video has those things and more.

The car has a tasteful level of modifications, and we love the valve covers and underhood/under-decklid Texas Flag-style decoration. From the rolling meadows to the big sky, Texas has a little something for everyone. Plus there’s nothing like the sound of an LS engine being put through its paces, and we get to experience some of that gorgeous Texas countryside in the process.  The Black Crowes’ ‘No Speak, No Slave’ is well-chosen to complement the vid – check it out.

According to the owner, OVRKL has an MTI X1 cam, Kooks 1 7/8″ headers, and B&B bullet exhaust which we get to experience up close and personal – the sound is nice and crisp without an obnoxious tone. There are a number of other custom touches done on the car as well, all of which add up to one of the cleanest Z06’s on the planet from what we can see.  The fact that this car appears to be driven regularly, yet looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor should be an inspiration to us all to use that clay bar and wax more often. Isn’t that what we always tell the ladies?

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