Video: C5 Corvette Turned Rally Car

Over the past four to five years, rally racing has experienced an upward surge of popularity thanks to publicity generated byWRC (World Rally Championship), GRC (Global RallyCross), the X-Games, and viral videos like Gymkhana. This popularity has also been fueled by the X-Games promotion team as they have brought fellow high profile athletes from other disciplines to compete in the rally competitions to help gain exposure (Bucky Lasek, Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, Dave Mirra, etc).

While these rally disciplines typically showcase high-performance hatchbacks and sedans powered by low-displacement but high-horsepower power plants, some people on YouTube like to try and break free from that stereotype. In a recently uploaded video uncovered by CorvetteBlogger, we get to witness a couple of friends honing their rally skills on some nice dirt backroads. What makes this very unique, however, is that they are doing this in a C5 Corvette!

“Driving off-road” and “Corvette” are typically words that you do not see used in the same sentence, but don’t tell that to the driver. Most Corvette owners keep their Vettes clean, detailed, and protected in one way or another so the thought of driving off-road and “rallying” it would be unthinkable. The Vette in the video appears that it has had a tough life judging by the mismatched wheels, off color drivers door, and various damaged body panels. While this is not the typical usage for a C5 and it surely is not going to help the resale value, it does look like a lot of fun if you have some money to burn!

Would you do this to your Vette? Comment below!

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