Video: C4 Takes on Mosquito Control Duties

Fogging up the mobile home park...

Burnout videos: we just can’t get enough of them.  In this fine example we recently discovered on YouTube, we find a good-ol’ boy from apparently somewhere in the south, who is ready to put some new treads on his flamed C4 Corvette.  Consistent with the trend, he decides to literally burn off every last ounce of useable rubber from the tires before having them replaced, and proudly declares in the video caption that he is “trying to blow out the tires!”

He finds a nice flat patch of concrete, which already bears evidence of previous donuts (perhaps from a few practice runs before they started filming for YouTube?). The driver turns his ball-cap backwards, signals to the camera that he is ready, and lets the mighty LT1 unleash hell on those worn rear tires.

After a few slow turns the smoke really gets going, as do the expletives from the spectators (oh, right… there’s some NSFW language).  Judging by the wall of white smoke created, it’s doubtful there will be too much of a mosquito problem in this particular trailer park for a while. Once the radial belts start slapping the quarter panels the driver stops to check things out. However, on closer inspection they realize the tires aren’t blown just yet; clearly an unacceptable situation. So he gets back in (with a girl we presume to be his daughter riding shotgun), he repeatedly makes sure the camera is still rolling, and gives it a second go.  Sparks start flying from the steel belts, he finally decides it might be best to “shut-er-down” even though the tires haven’t blown out yet.

As they say in that part of the word, “bless his soul…”

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