Alright readers, today I am just cutting right to the chase. What you’re about to watch is one-minute and 47 seconds of a dude performing the ol’ automotive walkaround on his C4 Corvette. We’ve all done it – turn on our car, let it idle, and walk around videotaping the sight and sound of our awesome whip. So there is nothing new or exciting there.

But, as you are watching this video, ask yourself; do those 20-inch dubs work on a bright yellow C4 Corvette?

Because, in all honesty, the C4 Corvette is hardly the pinnacle of automotive styling (though by 1980’s standards, maybe it was). C4 Corvettes are rather… common, as far as Corvettes go, unless you’re talking about some Callaway craziness. Fueled by the Reagan Economy and lots of cocaine, C4 Corvettes sold like hotcakes, which means today you can find a C4 in good condition for the price of a used Cavalier.

With all of that in mind, remember also that today’s Corvette rides on 19-inch rims right now, and even we have to admit that these dubs fill this yellow C4’s wheel wells rather well. While we’re not exactly in love with these rims, we don’t hate them either. Call us crazy, but a C4 on twenties might just be a good idea.

Or, you know, not. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this Corvette on dubs.