Video: C3 Corvette Takes on Swiss Rally Course

The Corvette is many things to many different people. It’s a classic, America’s favorite sports car, the most potent Chevy model, the American dream, the car you get during your midlife crisis, and even a legitimate American supercar, in its most modern of forms. But what the Corvette usually isn’t is a rally car. Now we say usually, because as it turns out, there is one such Corvette that just competed in Switzerland’s Rallye Critérium Jurassien 2012 event, and as you can see from the video we found on AutoEvolution above, the little C3 is quite nimble on the course.

The red Sting Ray seems to have the whole idea of rally racing down pat – drive as fast as you can on public roads (closed off for the event, of course), maneuver expertly through tight turns and speed off into the horizon on your journey to the finish line. Unfortunately, due to all the coverage we found of the event being in a foreign language, we don’t know how fast the Corvette made it to that final destination. So we’re left only to marvel at the site of a rally C3.

But that in itself is enough. With the traditional rally car being more of the Subaru WRX breed, we’re rather impressed that, one, someone would think to use a Corvette in rally racing, and two, that no matter how modified, the Corvette seems to be able to navigate its way through the trials of the course with the best of them.

Ironically, the Corvette isn’t the only odd-ball racer at the event. As you’ll see about midway through the video, there is also a Ferrari 308 that competed at the race. We don’t know who their drivers are but we want to see more rally cars like these here in the States.

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