Video: C3 Corvette Plays Second Fiddle To Man In Bull Suit

In 1994, we had the Macarena. In 2012, we had Gangnam-Style. Both of those dances were destined for a slow, painful death, caused mainly by the short-term fickle memory of pop culture. It’s the end of 2012, and like the Mayans predicted all those years ago, the world is coming to an end. Since there’s not much we can do to head that off, in the interest of pure distraction, we present this awesome Australian chocolate milk commercial. “Man-In-Bull-Suit-Dancing-Wildly-To-Promote Milk” stars a finely-restored C3 Corvette and yes, the aforementioned dancing man in a bull suit, along with some terrible dancing to 25-year-old music.

Why would you make a cow suit that looks like you're wearing assless chaps from behind?

The instant he rolls up with his horns peeking out the driver’s side T-Top of the ‘Vette, ya just know it’s going to be a rollicking good time. From the intertwined Gangnam-style clips to the Top Gun-redux soundtrack, there is so much win here we can barely handle it. We can feel his frustration as clips of Psy dance across the screen, and when he finally starts with the knee-wiggle, you instantly get the feeling that it’s about to get real up in here. He even sticks a bit of Rocky-style air-punching and shadow-kickboxing into his routine, and the cross-training seems to have an effect as he becomes more nimble towards the end of the video. He flashes some flexibility with the hanging-chain swing before closing out with a strong suggestion to buy the Cranky Cow – your choice of chocolate milk or iced coffee. We’ve always wanted to ride the chain hoist across the ceiling, too.

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