You sometimes have to be careful about following rabbits down the hole here on the internet. A YouTube video search for “Corvette” leads to a video of a three-axle C3 limo, which leads to a search for the URL on the back of said limo, which leads to more videos, and things keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Come along, if you dare…

The first video, a simple walkaround, shows us a few of the exterior details – the obvious extra rear axle, the massive 12.5 meter (that’s how they measure things over there in Spainland) overall length, the somewhat swayback look of the roof where the T-tops meet the added section, and of course, the web address:

Now we’re getting somewhere! Our high school Spanish only allows us to determine that this car is “unique in all of Spain, unique in all the world!” but we get a good look at the bucket-seat-equipped interior, complete with flat screens and a big cooler.

Finally, we get to experience some baffling Spanish pop music, complete with seizuriffic pulsing interior LED lighting. Sadly, there is no hint (at least to English speakers) as to what actually powers this unique limo – hopefully it’s something better than a late-production smog spec SBC, what with all that extra weight to haul around. In any case, it could be yours for just €48,000, which works out to something like $65,500 in good old American money.