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Video: C3 Corvette, Classic Chopper, and Eastern European Model

Multiculturalism can bring a new perspective to familiar places, or supply a taste of home in a distant land. In this case, we have a video where it seems like they’re shooting for as many different ingredients in the melting pot as possible. First of all, we have the small Japanese island of Enoshima, which Wikipedia tells us at the mouth of Sagami Bay, and that Benzaiten, the goddess of music and entertainment, is enshrined on the island.

That might also explain the Euro-pop soundtrack for this photo shoot, if you set your definition of both music and entertainment low enough. Then, we have Elina, our model, who judging by appearance and accent hails from some part of the former Soviet block. Finally, there’s the good old American red meat in our multicultural stew – a classic chopper (pardon us for not being able to identify it precisely – we’re Corvette guys and wouldn’t know a Panhead from pan-fried noodles) and a third-gen Corvette convertible, complete with bikini-model-friendly exposed side pipes.

Is it art? Is it a celebration of how our differences combine to make us a better society as a whole? Is it just an Australian (we think) photographer in Japan who happened to round up whatever he could find and shoot it on a pier? This is not for us to judge. It is merely for us to enjoy…

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