Video: C3 Corvette Attempts Spaceflight

We admit the title was written to draw you in, and this particular C3 never gets more than about two feet off the ground. But it’s still a video that will make you reminisce about your youth – any kid worth his salt knows you had to ride in the last two or three rows of seats in the school bus to get the jump effect when going over train tracks. We still remember the set we went over weekly as a junior-high-school student that would smack your head off the roof of the bus if the driver was going fast enough. We used to hope it was a rookie every week who didn’t know the route, and then we’d fly to the back of the bus to get the “good seats”.

This guy takes that one step further by cruising a C3 ‘Vette up to what looks like about 50-60 MPH and launching over a great set of raised tracks. While we don’t condone this type of behavior as it can be dangerous to not only yourself but anyone around you and other people’s property, it sure is a fun way to learn what weightlessness feels like, even if only for a brief instant.

At least this guy goes to the lengths of placing a spotter to ensure a minimum level of safety. Launch happens, sparks fly, and the damage assessment includes a trashed power steering valve and crushed coolant hose, along with a dented oil pan and scratched-up bellhousing. Replacement cost? $1000. Reliving your youth – priceless. For every planned crash, there’s Mastercard.

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