Video: Burning Rubber On The Back Of A Tow Truck

There are many nicknames for Canada, such as America’s Hat, the Maple Leaf State, and the True North. Whatever you want to call Canada, if you call it home, you must deal with the inevitability that winter takes up most of the year. There are parts of Canada, even in the warmer regions, that see just a few weeks of summer. Being a gearhead in Canada is hard; being a Corvette owner is even harder.

We’re not sure what circumstances led to this Corvette being towed up onto a flatbed truck. But what the driver does when he gets up on the flatbed makes this video well worth watching.

Sporting a bright green paint job and flat black accents, this Corvette C6 certainly stands out against the icy white background that is what we assume Canada looks like all year. Being a rear-wheel drive sports car, the Corvette is far from an ideal vehicle for cold, snowy weather. Yet there are those bold, brave souls who will drive their ‘Vette anytime, anywhere.

That includes up onto the back of a flatbed, where our unnamed driver proceeds to do some pretty wicked burnouts. And the weirdest thing? This isn’t the first time we have seen this done. While just two examples of Corvettes doing flatbed burnouts doesn’t make for a trend, we still have to wonder if this is a “thing” in Canada, or just a coincidence? If it turns out this is the automotive equivalent of “planking,” we do have one suggestion for making it even more awesome: The flatbed should be doing a burnout at the same time, too…

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