Video: Budget Supercar Challenge – Z06 vs GT-R vs Shelby

When you hear about a supercar shootout you probably envision Ferrari, Lamborghini and/or Porsche, along with the requisite supercar price tag. Interestingly enough, Motor Trend opted to do a “budget” supercar car shootout, involving three big names with price tags of under $100,000. Motor Trend pitted a Z06 Corvette against the Nissan GT-R and Shelby GT500, which of course piqued the interest of the CorvetteBlogger members. It is a honor to have the Z06 referred to as a budget supercar, but seeing the Z06 compete against the GT-R and the Shelby was a dream come true. Members of Corvette Blogger were treated to analysis of Motor Trend’s findings on the site.

Despite having the least horsepower, with only 505 ponies, the Z06 makes up the deficit by being the most svelte of the group coming in at a mere 3,253 pounds.  The combination of light weight and respectable power allowed the Z06 to run an 11.8 at 123.4 MPH in the quarter mile.  Unfortunately (for Corvette lovers) the Z06 was edged out by the GT-R’s 11.2 second at 122.7 MPH pass. Even though GT-R beat the Z06 and the Shelby on the quarter mile (the Shelby only managed 12.4 at 115.8 MPH), the Z06 was right on the Nissan’s heels in the other tests.

In the 60 to 0, 0-60, skid pad and figure-8 tests the results were the same; only the Z06 came closer to staying with the GT-R in these series of tests. However, the final test was yet to come with a trip to the Streets of Willow with a professional driver by the name of Randy Pobst behind the wheel. Before driving each of the cars, Pobst made predictions for the end result of the test. He believed the Z06 would most likely come in first place with the GT-R in second and the Mustang in third. In the end the Z06 came in second, but with a different track configuration the results may have favored the Corvette over the GT-R. Even though the Z06 came in second place in the performance tests, Pobst praised the power to weight ratio and braking capabilities.

Pobst seemed honestly shocked when learned that GT-R edged out the ‘Vette, but he added that the GT-R was a much easier car to drive. He turned off the traction control system and drove the Z06 for all it was worth.  Pobst had a few words of advice for amateur drivers; do not turn off the computer assistance because the Z06 can break loose at any time. He also referred to the Z06 as a beast.

Call it sour grapes if you like, but we would like to point out that compared to the incredibly complex twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive, don’t-use-launch-mode-or-your-transmission-will-grenade Nissan and the supercharged stone axe Ford, the Corvette is still going to be the most rewarding car to master, whether you’re on the track or following a winding mountain road.

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