There really is nothing quite like rearing the rip-roaring anger of a funny car launching down the track. The knowledge that there is a couple of thousand horsepower raging just a few yards from your face, turning rubber into smoke and lighting the air itself on fire, is one of the greatest joys that comes with being a gearhead.

Alas, not everybody has the gusto and wherewithal to withstand the scorching awesomeness that is Funny Car racing… hell, sometimes there just isn’t enough room to let these cars launch. That, and ridiculous noise ordinances have led to the rise of “cacklefests”, whereby drivers of classic and historic drag cars rev up their engines, but take off the driveshafts, all in the name of “safety”.

Bruce Larson, a famous drag racer whose career stretches from the mid-90’s all the way back to the 60’s, recently brought his Corvette Funny Car out for the first time in 11 years at the annual US 30 Drag Strip reunion. And while the strip is gone, this Corvette still sounds mean as all hell, even if it does have a disconnected driveshaft.

Which ultimately brings us to this point; cacklefests are kind of lame. Yes, we get why they do it, but going and watching a dragster like Larson’s breathe fire without actually seeing it race is kind of like going to the zoo to see a bunch of de-clawed and neutered lions. Sure, they’re there, but watching them hunt is an entirely different experience.

That said, cacklefests are better than nothing, and Larson’s old Corvette can still draw a crowd. But wouldn’t you rather seeing it racing, than just revving?