Video: Brittney Layne Posing With Corvettes

Ah, the life of a model must be a glamorous one indeed. Stand around, look pretty, and have people fawn over your every whim and desire? Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but as far as jobs go, modeling is a pretty sweet gig. That doesn’t mean models don’t work hard; staying in shape is a full time job.

But when you get gigs like posing with some top-notch exotic cars, among them a cadre of Corvettes, and your job is taking place at a party, well excuse us if it sounds like a dream career.

The model in this next video is named Brittney Layne, and she went down to Houston during a party hosted by EVS for ADV.1, or Advance One Wheels. These kinds of parties celebration a new product or some event like SEMA are not at all uncommon, which helps keep pretty girls like Ms. Layne well-employed.

Since this is a Corvette website, let’s talk about Corvettes. There are at least three of them in this video, a C5 and two C6’s. Then there’s a Lamborghini, a BMW, and an old car that looks very British (a Morgan, perhaps? Help us out in the comments…) Honestly though, we’re more interested in Brittney at the moment…

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