Video: Bone Stock C6 Z06 Sets New Record – 10.71 at 130 MPH

The bar just keeps getting pushed higher and higher for the capabilities of the C6 Z06 as a new record quarter mile time for bone stock Z06’s has been set. With nothing more than a set of Hoosier drag radials, this red rocket Z06 blasted off to 10.71 at over 130 miles an hour, making it the fastest documented drag strip pass in a bone stock Z06 to date, with a video to prove it.

In this thread on Corvette Forum, the driver (“Ranger”) tells the tale of the record setting run at Maryland International Raceway: “My best pass of the day was 10.71 at 130.32 MPH. The 660 foot trap speed was 103.59. It reflects good but not perfect driving. As other drivers have shown, the Hoosiers can support a better 60 foot time than this 1.60. A 1.55 or 1.56 on this pass would have shed enough at the 330 foot mark to bring the car to what would likely be its lower limit bone-stock (on drag radials) of mid-10.60s. Don’t know who will do it eventually, but someone probably will.”

Absolutely incredible. Who would have ever dreamed that you could roll off the showroom floor with a new Corvette, bolt on some common drag radials, and blast out quarter mile times down well into the 10’s? So what do you think – will someone eventually get into the mid 10.60’s on a perfect pass in a stock C6 Z06?

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