Video: Bolt-On C6 Corvette Duels Nasty Turbo Civic at the Strip

It’s an import versus domestic, Corvette versus Civic, V8 versus 4-banger grudge match, and we get a front row seat to the bout thanks to this video from YouTube. Even though we’re clearly rooting for the C6 in this fight, the red civic gives us domestic gear heads a startling reminder why you shouldn’t be so quick to under estimate a modified import with a big muffler.

The jet stream blue Corvette is a 2008 C6 that we are told has an aftermarket cam, a few other bolt-ons, and a set of drag radials. We get a little more specific info on what kind of work the Honda has had done, with the video telling us that it’s powered by a B18C5 with an 84mm Golden Eagle sleeved engine block and an Edelbrock intake manifold, all run off of an AEM stand-alone EMS. The head features Ferrea valves, a 5 angle valve job, and Crower Stage II cams. All that head and block work is mostly to maximize, and just simply withstand, all the extra power that the Precision 6265 turbo pushes through this tiny engine, which according to the video is 511 horsepower at the front slicks. Pretty impressive no matter what side of the import/domestic debate you’re on.

The first race goes to the Corvette as he chops down the nasty little Civic right off the line and manages to hold him off until the end. The second race, however, is the other side of the coin with the Civic getting the hole-shot on the Corvette and taking it all the way to the finish line. That’s some pretty good racing by the Civic, but at the end of the day, we would still much rather drive home in that nice C6…

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