Video: Billy Boat Performance Exhaust at Bloomington Gold

We’ve previously shown you that one major way Billy Boat Performance Exhaust “spreads the word” about their Corvette exhausts systems is by attending major events with a complete roster of techs and tools to do installations on the spot. Obviously, it’s a great way to sell a few exhausts right there and then – taking your Corvette to a car show and being able to drive home with a new exhaust is a pretty good way to scratch that instant gratification itch.

But, for every car that went on the lift, there were dozens of other Corvette owners who got a chance to see and hear the difference between C5 and C6 exhausts and B&B’s Bullet systems for themselves first hand. While you can look at an exhaust system online, read the specs, and get a feel for the quality, finish, and value for money, actually being able to hear it is what really makes the decision happen.

Four different Corvettes all get the Billy Boat Bullet treatment...

In this video, shot at the Billy Boat installation center at the 2013 Bloomington Gold show, we get to see and hear the difference between four different Corvettes’ factory pipes, and Billy Boat Bullet exhausts: A C5 Z06, an LS1 C5, and two different LS2-powered C6 convertibles. The owners explain why they decided to upgrade, and give their impressions after the work is complete.

While it can’t completely replace experiencing the sound of a Billy Boat exhaust for yourself in person, this video certainly helps explain the popularity of these sweet-sounding, high performance exhausts.

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