There are cool parents, then there really cool parents. Teaching your 20-year-old daughter how do donuts in rental is a great bonding experience, but doing them in a rented Velocity Yellow Corvette ZHZ from Hertz makes this an epic tale. CorvetteBlogger loved the father-daughter bonding experience so much that it made their news section.

I wish my father had been crazy or cool enough to teach me to do donuts with the S281-Saleen-Mustang he rented years ago. My father let me torture the normal death-trap rental turds (Escorts, Neons and minivans), but never trusted me enough for a learning experience like that one. Jealousy aside, this is awesome and will end up being a cherished memory between father and daughter, or until she gets a tickets (or has to call for bail).

During the first video the father carefully coaches his daughter on how to perfect the donut technique. He gives her words of encouragement and reminds her to keep the “R’s” up to continue the destruction of the tires. Once she gets a feel for the Corvette, her father asks her stop and he exits the passenger seat in order to document her progress. In the second video daddy’s little girl has the hang of it; it may almost bring a tear to your eye when you see the graceful tire-smoking donuts. There is nothing like donuts in Corvette to start or continue a family tradition.