With the advent of small, affordable video recorders, it seems that just about every car guy out there these days is sticking a camera in or on their car. This has resulted in plenty of cool “candid camera” footage of accidents and acts of idiocy. It has also led to an entirely new category of car videos; cute girls screaming in fast cars.

This next video definitely falls into this new category, as a buxom Las Vegas babe (in a very Las Vegas “shirt”) rides shotgun in a Corvette Z06 as it drifts around the track over at Exotics Racing School.

The video starts off with our lovely young lass taking a picture on her phone with the helmeted driver… and then it isn’t long before the drifting action begins. Now obviously, every girl reacts differently to being thrown around like a rag doll as the car flies from one corner to the next. Some scream. Some laugh. Others cry.

This particular girl was simultaneously screaming and laughing, the smile on her face never diminishing for a second. In fact, we dare say she enjoyed this ride more than the driver himself. This is our kind of girl, who doesn’t mind dressing up before being tossed around in the passenger’s seat of a high-performance sports car.

In conclusion, we are lucky to live in an age of affordable recording technology. Otherwise we would have been denied this wonderfully entertaining video.