Video: Battle of The 700 HP Titans – Z06 vs. 911

Corvette drivers and Porsche drivers might not typically run in the same circles, however they do occasionally find themselves running down the same race tracks head-to-head. In this video we found on YouTube we get a look at a C6 Z06 doing battle with its German rival, the mighty 911 at the Airstrip Attack, in Trona, California.

Editor Paul Huizenga, Corvette Online, snapped this pic of the 911 and Z06 within a nose of each other at the Airstrip Attack. Look for a full write-up on the event in the near future.

The Airstrip Attack, put on by Shift-S3ctor, features cars duke it out in a half-mile rolling start drag race, with no timing equipment, and no fluff. First one to the finish line wins, and that’s that. Our very own Paul Huizenga was actually in attendance to cover this event, so look for full article in the near future.

The caption of the video says that both of the 911 and the Z06 have 700 horsepower, making them a great match up for this type of racing. We don’t know any of the specifics about what kind of modifications have been made to either car to make that kind of power, but in this video of the Z06 also taken at the Airstrip Attack, the caption says the C6 is just a heads/cam/exhaust combo. That would make for a pretty tightly wound LS7 to get that much power with just heads and cam, but you be the judge.

Right from the start of this race it’s apparent just how well these two cars are matched up. The Z06 seems to be just a tad behind at the midway point, and manages to steady pull in closer to the 911. Finally at the end of the race, both cars seem to cross the finish line simultaneously. It’s almost too close to call. So, which of these 700 horsepower Titans crossed the line first? You be the judge.

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