Yes, we know there are a lot of videos of C7 Corvettes floating around the inter webs – a lot of them are burnout videos or videos of the cars at the drag strip.

Recently posted by YouTube user BigKleib24, this video is a great way to show the capabilities of a factory automatic C7 Corvette Stingray at the drag strip. We have seen a lot of videos of C7s at drag strips, but, in most of the videos, the cars have some sort of drag radial, giving them a little better of a launch.

The C7 in this video is, in fact, bone-stock, which means that accurate quarter-mile times can be achieved. The first pass the car makes is a 12.65 @ 114.74 mph (red-lighted), which isn’t a bad start, but the passes keep getting better. On the second run, the C7 trips the beams at 12.53 with a trap speed of 116.32 mph – already an improvement over the first run.

The third run is where the car shines and runs a 12.49 @ 114.16. All three reaction times were within six thousandths of each other and the launches were quite conservative. When we had our C7 to review for a week, we took it to Barona to run it in the 1/8 mile – our calculations show that this car could easily run 12-second flat quarter-miles, based off of the eighth-mile times.

The black C7 in the video seemed to be staging pretty shallowly, which essentially gives a “running start” before the last yellow turns to green – shift timing also plays a big part in the runs as well. We think this is a good video to show ballpark quarter-mile times for an automatic C7 Corvette, especially if there are C7 owners who haven’t taken their baby to the track yet to see for themselves.

We can’t wait to see how the 8-speed transmission will act!