Video: “Barn Find” ’78 Corvette Pace Car Finally Gets Washed

Ok, we admit it – this is probably one of the most boring videos we will ever bring you, but we felt it was important to close the loop on the “Barn Find” ’78 Corvette Pace car. Plus, you’ll probably agree that it’s about stinking time that someone showed some kind of care for this poor Corvette… sheesh. We don’t want to discourage you too much from watching the video, but if you do, you’ll also have to sit through a blatant commercial for the dealership. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

As you’ll remember from our previous stories on this car from the past couple of weeks, this rare ’78 Indy 500 Pace Car was originally bought as an investment, and only has 13 original miles on the odometer. Corvette Mike’s Dealership in New England acquired the car from the original owner, and in the last week or so, the car was sold again to a Sheik in Abu Dhabi for the seemingly bargain price of $50,000.

Corvette Mike said in one of the many interviews done by local news stations that whoever bought the car could wash off the 35 plus years’ worth of dust and dirt that had built up on the car’s exterior themselves. Well, it looks like he’s eating those words a bit as him and a few friends wash finally wash this poor neglected icon. Let’s just hope they are actually getting the dirt off, and not just grinding it into the paint…

Finally! Its about time someone showed this car the respect it deserves...

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