Video: Barbie’s Dream Corvette Has a Life-Size Clone, Only Worse

For some little girls, Barbie’s Dream Corvette was a mere accessory to tote Barbie and her friends to and from her Dream House. For others, however, the pink Corvette acted as an inspiration for a life-long enthusiasm for cars. While most of us have grown out of our doll playing years and moved past the idea of Barbie’s dream car, one person has actually taken that toy car and turned it into reality. Don’t believe us? Check out the YouTube video above.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a child’s toy car turned into a life-size remake. In fact, GM and Hot Wheels just did the same thing by creating the Hot Wheels Camaro we showed you at SEMA. Unfortunately, the life-size Barbie Corvette is not even close to the same caliber as the Hot Wheels Camaro.

The pink Corvette “Barbie Car” is a ‘98 convertible and to say that it’s hideous would be an understatement. Not that it would make it any better, but rather than a bright pink like Barbie’s Corvette, the C5 is more of a fuchsia color – kind of like that big purple dinosaur little kids sing about.

It gets worse. The interior on the car is also done mostly in the awful fuchsia color, including the dash, console, doors, visors, seats, steering wheel and carpet. Even the Corvette emblem features a fuchsia outline. Adding insult to injury, it looks like the owner didn’t even clean off the seats before the video of the car was shot.

While I can appreciate the effort that went into trying to create a life-size Barbie car, I think I’d rather have the toy one. At least with the toy, you don’t get a migraine by just looking at it. Every girls’ dream? I think not.

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