Video: “Back 2 Back” Pits C6 Grand Sport vs. Porsche 911

The C6 Corvette Grand Sport and the Porsche 911 Carrera S might not seem to have too much in common at first glance, other than the obvious fact that they are two blindingly fast examples of modern automotive engineering at its finest. But the webcast show “Head 2 Head” pitted them against each other anyway, citing the fact that they are “soul brothers”, both being icons of their respective category within the performance car market that have managed to stay relevant and fresh throughout years and years of history.

Host Angus Mackenzie takes on the challenge of determining which car is better for an enthusiast driver with big bucks to spend, based on which one offers the more engaging driving experience. Mackenzie has plenty of tough-but-fair criticisms for the Grand Sport, but also praises its incredible power that is ready whenever you need it. However, for a daily driver, he picks the 911, adding that either car would make a great commuter.

When he takes the two cars out on some twisty back-roads to let them stretch their legs a little, Mackenzie is a bit more open with his criticisms of the Grand Sport. At one point he says with a very serious tone that “Driving the Grand Sport is a bit like wrestling a grizzly bear. The Corvette feels a bit slow and deliberate at first, but it’s very, very powerful. And I know if I make a mistake it’s going to rip my head off.” Once he’s safely back in the driver’s seat of the 911, Mackenzie can barely contain his enthusiasm for the newly redesigned Porsche.

In the end, it’s no surprise to anyone that Mackenzie picks the 911 Carrera S as the better car, “at any price.” Well, that’s one opinion. But I think we will still just stick to our knckle-dragging, push-rod actuated torque-producing terrors.

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