Video: Aussie Replica of Replica Grand Sport in “Fast Five”

Replica of the Replica Grand Sport in Fast Five.

Sam Barber, a tour guide from Sydney, Australia has always been a huge “Rev-Head”, and a big fan of “The Fast and The Furious” movies. So when he saw the ’63 Corvette Stingray Grand Sport replica in the latest installment of the series, Fast Five, he instantly knew it was his destiny to build his own replica out of his ’63 Stingray. Barber tells the Australian show, Bluntly all about how and why he modified his Corvette to match the one in the movie. He explains, “I bought this car about a year or so [ago] from the States, and a friend saw the movie being released ages ago, and saw the pictures of my car and suggested I paint it silver, so I copied the car from the Fast and the Furious Five.”

Barber tells the host that the Corvette is also a part of the tour business he runs, called Red Hot Rides Muscle Car Tours. He says, “I’ve actually got two other Corvettes at home. I’ve got a Harley as well. I usually take people on tours of Sydney, so hence I’m going to start doing it in this thing [the Corvette] now, rather than on the back of a Harley Davidson.”

Barber says the Corvette has a 500 horsepower 383 in it, and it makes for a perfect ride for touring the city. He says,”The idea is to show people the sights of Sydney in something more exciting than a cab.” But don’t expect any crazy Vin Diesel stunts during your tour with Barber. He tells us, “I just take it nice and easy.”

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