Sure, cars that look fast sitting still – those whose outward appearance all but give away it’s performance potential – are great, but who doesn’t get a kick out of a sleeper? You know, those cars that have been intentionally left as stock appearing as possible to keep what’s lurking beneath a closely guarded secret. That is, until someone lines up alongside of it, anyway.

Well, an eight-second C5 Corvette that, other than a set of aftermarket wheels and tires that are easily replaceable by the stock hoops, looks completely stock, certainly qualified as a sleeper in our books.

Arun Ahuja recently attained his goal of reaching the eight’s in his factory weight (3,600 pounds) ’02 Z06 that still has all the creature comforts of air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, active handling, and power everything.

This wicked and rather unsuspecting daily-driven Z06 is fed by a Vortech YSi-Trim supercharger running on pump gas with methanol injection control and is backed by a 4L60E transmission. Ahuja rolled to an 8.887 at 160.05 MPH with a 1.42 short time and 5.76 eighth-mile, and later backed it up with runs of 8.94 and 8.96. According to Ahuja, the 8.88 makes this the quickest 4L60E car in the world.