While some parts of the country enjoy mild weather and sunny days during the winter, most of us suffer through frigid temperatures, snow, slick roads, and the worst, snain (rain mixed with snow). These things can certainly lead to a dreary time for all, but it’s automotive enthusiasts that truly get the short end of the stick in wet winter states, at least when it comes to driving their rear-wheel-drive sports cars. Corvette owners know this all too well, but there is one good thing that comes from the dull winter months, and that’s the arrival of spring. Check out this video above and tell us, are you ready for spring?

While it’s been somewhat unseasonably cold in California at times this winter, the rest of the country doesn’t quite understand how 40s overnight is anything to take note of. That’s why this video, created by German YouTube user Dernixweiss (which means “Who Knows Nothing” according to Google Translate), hits home with many non-Californian Corvette owners.

Dealing with cold temperatures, slick driving conditions, and magnesium chloride or salt to clear the roads (depending on which state your reside in) are enough to drive anyone crazy in a daily driver. But add rear-wheel-drive, high-performance,V8-wielding sports cars to the mix, and you’re just asking for trouble.

Fortunately, most Corvette owners know better and only take their cars out on nice days, if at all in the winter, leaving only spring to wake their sleeping beauties. As this video shows, getting to that yearly landmark can be quite anxiety-ridden, but once it comes, everything is once again at peace in the automotive world. Now who could say no to spring with that?