This Z06 exudes so much personality, we can't help but love it.

What could arguably be described as the most popular Corvette ever made, the C6 continues to gain popularity despite the fact that it’s going on eight years old. The Corvette, once considered a joke by our European cousins from across the pond, is now finding favor with them over its contemporary rivals from Porsche and Ferrari.

Under the hood lies a 640 HP beast of an LS7.

Need proof? Then look no further than this Z06 packing an APP Racing Engines LS7 between its flanks. The soundtrack emanating from its FIA GT3-based racing engine is downright sick, and although it’s a simple video of the Z going down the street and back, it left us with chills running down our spines. While we don’t have many specifications on the engine itself, the video gives us an under hood shot.

We get a glimpse of a Moton two-way Club Sport suspension system reservoir, FAST LSX 102MM intake, and jet-coated headers. The obviously cammed-up LS7 reportedly produces 640hp, which puts it on par with a stock ZR1 power-wise. Other modifications that catch our eye include a set of C6 ZR1 wheels, Brembo brakes, an aftermarket hood, a blacked-out rear bumper, and a ZR1 rear spoiler.

We don’t know how quick it is on the dragstrip or on a circuit, but given the power that this Corvette provides the driver, we doubt we would be disappointed. Check out the video here.